Instagram Disabled My Account-No 4

 My Instagram account is still disabled. Finally talked with Facebook Chat but they were no help and it's been 2 weeks today.

I've been connecting with other business owners who lost access around the same time so I really believe it's a huge glitch but they haven't resolved it yet. Apparently, they were too worried about everyone losing their "likes" this week.

3 Things I Learned Being Blocked:

1. Even if you are following the rules you can be disabled- have a backup plan.

2. Download your content monthly- once they shut your account down you can't get it back.

3. Store your content on your website- even if it's easier to post it on social media/Youtube/Pinterest etc. You own your website and you need to store your work there.

I started a new Instagram account if you want to Follow ➡️ 


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