5 Tips To Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Prior to 2014, I had never been to a party. I avoided them like the plague. They always seemed so sleazy, cheap, and I didn't want to feel pressure to buy. 

Have you ever gone to one of those parties? You know... a direct sales party...like Tupperware, Mary Kay or Avon?

Before I started my Facebook marketing business I actually was actually somewhat pressured into signing up for a company to help my cousin advance to the next level. I had no intention of selling any more than the first party but I fell in love.

You see I had been home for a couple of years with babies at this point and apparently I really missed sales quotas, targets, revenue and a paycheque. Plus it was so nice to have a community, not just adult conversation, but people who really wanted you to succeed. 

I really prejudged this industry and I was wrong to make certain assumptions. I now have a fondness for anyone who decides to dip their toes in the entrepreneurial pool. I firmly believe that joining an MLM is the gateway drug to starting your own business. 

The thing that bothers me about direct sales is people make it seem like it’s easy to make money and if you hustle you can be successful. 

I want to tell you it doesn’t matter what type of business you start it’s going to take hard work, dedication and consistency. 

The most successful reps of any company all have a couple of  things in common

  1. They treated it like a business
  2. They built a brand for themselves
  3. They definitely didn’t do what everyone else in the company did. 

So I want to share a couple of tips for all my fellow network marketers. 

Find Your Own Voice

If you want to build yourself a business then build yourself a dang business. You are so much more than just their product. Share what matters to you, what are your passions. Only talk about your product 10-20% of the time. Then if you ever decided to switch companies you don’t need to start from scratch or confuse your audience.

Attract People Who Are Interested In Your Product

Stop inviting your friends to Like your Page, Join your Group, and to buy your product. If you had a brick and mortar store in your Uptown/Downtown core you would not be pestering your friends to come in constantly. Focus on attracting clients who are interested in what you are doing and sell to them. This is called Marketing and it needs to be one of your key focuses. 

Talk about the benefits of your product

When you are talking about the product, talk about the problem that it solves. No one cares about Dead Sea minerals, they just want to know that they will have younger-looking skin in minutes. What problem does your product solve? How does it make them feel? You want to connect with them on an emotional level- let them know you understand their problems and then they will trust you enough to give you their credit card. 

Delete your share button

I recommend that you never share a company post again. Your business should be about YOU, not the company. Sharing content is easy but your goal is to create shareable content. Take those important messages and make them your own. Use your own wording and make your own images. When people see posts all about the same thing it just blends into their feed and they don’t really even notice. But when you take the time to craft the message & image then you stand out. 

Check your insights

Just because something worked well for another rep doesn’t mean it will work for your audience. Check your insights. What is getting the most shares? Reach? Engagement? If something is working well then recreate it.

If something isn’t working well then stop. Take people’s ideas but make them your own. If everyone is doing the same thing all you are doing is making company message bigger but it's not getting you noticed. 

The other thing you want to see is if all the time you are on social media is actually generating sales. If you aren’t making any money then you are just wasting your time. This is a hobby, not a business. Pretend you have that storefront how you are going to pay your lease this month?

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I really do have a soft spot for network marketing. I can honestly say it dramatically changed my life for the better. I met new friends from all over the world, learned new skills, travelled, received the Macbook I’m writing this post on, and I really invested in personal development and learned so much about myself.

I will forever be thankful for my experiences in this industry.

I would love to help you get up on stage at your company’s next event and be recognized for all the work you are doing. 

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