Social Media vs Email

Last week we all saw just how important an email list really is. If those followers aren’t on your list you would have no way to contact them.
The easiest way to grow your email list is to create a sales funnel. A sales funnel works to capture new leads, provides value, and allows customers to purchase your product/service.
How do you capture new leads?
Well, you create something you can give to a follower in exchange for their email address i.e. PDF, video series, or a free call etc.
Once their email address is obtained you continue to provide value with a nurture campaign followed by creating a sales offer.
The other advantage to have an email list is you can upload it into Facebook Ads Manager and create remarketing ads to this custom audience or create a lookalike audience.
Keep in mind we do not own our social media followers but we do own our email list.
What free offer can you create to start attracting your ideal customers?

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